Autoblog not importing correctly

We're trying to import with Autoblog, however it does not:

1) import images
2) authors are not overwritten:

Here's the config:

3) only 10 posts are being imported:

When the category has 13:
This is the feed:

We have enabled support access to the site

We have disabled all plugins, just wpmudev & autoblog are enabled.

  • Nastia

    Hello @m. , I trust all is well!

    1) import images

    I tested the first feed on my installation and the images were not inserted to my site either. I also tested a feed from another site and the images inserted successfully.

    So I've checked this site, that you are pulling feeds from. Based on the site's code the images are located inside the header. This is why it is not pulling images; the plugins pulls images only from the article content.

    You can test it by yourself too, try to pull articles from our blog feed:

    You'll see the images will be inserted normally.

    Also, to set a feature image, inside the feed settings, choose Find the first image within content of a feed item option:

    2) authors are not overwritten:

    Can't replicate the same on my site. I tested the feed that have wrong author on my site and the author was replaces from the beginning, all of this with the "Replace Author Information" add-on deactivated.

    Please deactivate this add-on Replace Author Information if you wish to show authors that are set from you. Otherwise, it will show original authors.

    3) only 10 posts are being imported:

    This a default Autoblog behavior, only 10 latest posts can be imported, since the RSS feed is limited to 10 articles. If you check the site's rss code with validator feed, only ten articles will be pulled from the site.

    I hope this will help!


  • Sajid

    Hello M.,
    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    Autoblog does not crop or resize images. It just import images given in the feed and attaches it to the post as a featured image.

    That said, the RSS feed you are using contains images that are only 150x150 size (see screenshot).

    I am sorry but this plugin does not scrape the whole story (that is illegal and kind of stealing) and only rely on the information provided the other website as RSS feed. So there is nothing we can do at the moment. Sorry!

    Take care and have a nice day :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,

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