AutoBlog not importing feeds

I have several bloggers who want and expect the feed content I promised that AutoBlog would deliver.

Because I have been unable to deliver the content, they are getting a bit "testy" about paying for the feed service.

The feeds appear to be set correctly. ... at least they do to me. The utoBlog page indicates that the feeds are being processed each day. I just clicked the process now button, so the next processing is set for tomorrow. However, the manual processing did not draw the feeds in either.

Here is how they are set. The actual feed links have all been tested and are pointing to the correct feed.

Feed : bg--business-law-advisor to Elton
Your Title ... bg--business-law-advisor to Elton
Feed URL ...
Add posts to ...
Default status for new posts ... Draft
Set the date for new posts ... Imported date
Author details
Set author for new posts ... Use feed author
If author in feed does not exist locally use ... bloggername
Categories and Tags
Assign posts to this category ... Uncategorized
Add these tags to the posts ...
	Use original feeds tags as well (adding if necessary)
Post Filtering
Include posts that contain (separate words with commas
All of these words
Any of these words
The exact phrase
None of these words
Any of these tags
	Tags should be comma separated
Post excerpts
Use full post or an excerpt ... Use full post
For excerpts use ... Words
Link to original source
	Ensure this link is a nofollow one
Feed Processing
Process this feed ... Every day

What do I check, and how do I ensure that this will not continue.