Autoblog not retrieving feed items

Hi folks,

I’ve been using AutoBlog successfully for some months, but this month it stopped importing new items without showing any errors. The feed nominally doesn’t validate, but I believe that’s because the site in question uses https, and the W3C feed validator is very old code that doesn’t seem to be updated for things like https and new top-level domains. My initial theory was that AutoBlog wasn’t importing new items (not sure why it would have worked before) because of the feed failing validation. However, enabling Force Feed and Disable Sanitization made no difference. The feed itself seems fine in Firefox and validates at

You can see a non-private version of the feed at — the private version of the feed I’m using is along the lines of:

I’ve granted access to my site so you can log in and check. Be sure to compare what you see when you load the real feed in Firefox or Chrome against what’s (not) appearing in my Posts list.