autoblog not saving or creating DB table

I am new to WPMUdev and I am having trouble getting Autoblog 3.4.2 working on my live site which is a Wordpress MU site.

I've uploaded it to the /wp-content/plugins folder, activated it in Networkd Admin, but when I add a feed and click 'Save' it does not appear in the list of feeds - no matter which 'add new' button I press I cannot get a feed to save!

After digging around in phpmyadmin I found that the plugin is not creating the table in the database and when I paste the table creation code into the phpmyadmin to create the table all I get is mysql telling me there is an syntax error and nothing else - I used the SQL code that is supplied on your installation manual page. I have rebuilt the code in Notepad just in case there are some dodgy characters, but still nothitng works.

Any ideas?

  • DavidM

    Hi wisewolf,

    We'll take a look at getting the instructions adjusted but can you give the following SQL a try?

    CREATE TABLE wp_autoblog (
      feed_id bigint(20) NOT NULL auto_increment,
      site_id bigint(20) default NULL,
      blog_id bigint(20) default NULL,
      feed_meta text,
      active int(11) default NULL,
      nextcheck bigint(20) default NULL,
      lastupdated bigint(20) default NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY  (feed_id),
      KEY site_id (site_id),
      KEY blog_id (blog_id),
      KEY nextcheck (nextcheck)

    It does sound like that's what's causing the issue, the table not being created. If you could give that a go and let us know we'll see how we can help from there. :slight_smile:


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