Autoblog only getting excerpts without links

I have my autoblog feeds set to use the full post for excerpts. I see no other place that allows me to truncate the message. I would expect that if the feed were only an excerpt, there would be a link. I am not getting a link in the feed.

Any way to check this and to determine if corrections are needed?

  • Kirk Ward

    I looked at the feed source, and they are only sending the excerpt. The title of the feed is the link.

    I'm canceling the feeds I have set up and will create new ones using a desktop application called "Feed Editor." This means I'll have to create a set of feeds once a week, but I'm thinking that this method may lead to more flexibility, as I "could" start inserting feeds in to the mix that I wanted to use as lead generating tools for a new line of products. And, it's simple enough that I can have my own "in-house" VA handle it.

    She gets a feed, reformats the underlying document into Feed Editor, and publishes to my admins for their usage.

    This could be cool.