Autoblog plugin installed on a separate site to feed posts to a main site?


I have a site which comprises of over 500 pages. In order to try and not over bloat my site with too many plugins which creates a negative impact on my download time. I was playing around with the idea of installing the Autoblog plugin on a separate domain using a standard Wordpress theme- say call site 2 for this message.

I intend using site2 to be a content generator engine to develop content and extract media, etc from Social Media, RSS, and other sources and add these posts to site2 and somehow schedule these posts to post to my main site.

I have looked at the option of setting up a multisite for this, but I feel that a multisite network will put a strain on resources and impact download time for my main site.

Site2 will not be indexed and search engines will be excluded in Robots.txt.

Could I please get some thoughts and ideas how this could work.

Thank you