Autoblog plugin issues

In the summer I set up a cool project using your Autoblog plugin here: which aggregated the posts from about 50 classes around the UK writing about the European Football Championships. During the project I noticed a number of issues with the plugin:

1. It stripped out any iframe codes etc in blogposts. This, I presume, is a security issue to prevent malicious code getting on to the receiving blog, but it would be useful to have an extension that allowed the import of html tags etc from sites that you trust.

2. I couldn't find a way of importing the original posters tags. This would have been very useful in this particular project as I had to manually add country tags to every post so that posts were sorted by country. Have I missed something in setting up the source feeds to do this?

3. Autoblog does not import native Wordpress image galleries properly.


Original post:

Post imported to new blog with Autoblog:

I'd appreciate your observations on the above.

Best Regards,

John Sutton