AutoBlog Plugin not working with feeds entered


We would like to auto post the blog from one of our client’s websites into another of their websites. We installed autoblog and it is only pulling only 5 blog posts with only the headline from one feed and nothing from another feed.

The autoblog plugin can import the blog headline, text and featured image, correct?

I noticed one feed had images embedded in the blog posts but did not show the featured image. Please gives us your recommendation for the autoblog setup.

Also, we are having major issues with multi-language plugins that do not translate properly or break any website that a language plugin is activated. The highly rated WPML plugin did more damage to a website than other language plugins that have been tested.

Are there language plugins that you have had the most success?

At this point we just need English and French. We have tried to use 5-7 language plugins and the themes are compatible with language plugins.

We would greatly appreciate any support you could give for the autoblog and the multi-language.