Autoblog Plugin Settings Weird Behavior

Autoblog Plugin is simply the best of its kind, and I've done lots of work finding one that really suits my needs. But I have one small problem: when I set the number of words of the excerpt to be per example 200, the drop-down menu changes after save to 'Paragraphs', instead of remaining 'Words'. I use the full content for the excerpt, but no matter what setting I manage to save, it is always the full content that comes as an excerpt in the listing of the posts. Hereby I present the link to the RSS sourse:

Also I have a suggestion for an improvement in the next version: an option for a list of random, user uploaded images, one of which shall be chosen for a featured image if none is found in the RSS item's content. Completely optional of course. :slight_smile: Trimming the full content of the post would be also a great addition to the options.

Please, help me with my setting issue?