AutoBlog Scheduling Issue

I'm having a real difficult time trying to figure something out, and hopefully someone can provide me a solution.

-- Each morning, I create 4 or 5 new posts in my backend (not wordpress).
-- Then a cronjob reads my backend and outputs an rss file
-- This file is read by Autoblog and processed.

All of this works except for one thing. I want AutoBlog to read my rss feed and then publish the posts, but not at the same time. But it cannot/will not do this for me.

Here's what I have tried so far:

-- I've set Autoblog to import the most recent 5 posts, and set status to "Published". Autoblog will publish all of the posts immediately from the import time set.

-- Importing the most recent 5 posts, I choose Scheduled. The issue here is that Autoblog uses my rss feed stamp for the posts and since the feed was created before the AutoBlog import, AutoBlog immediately publishes all 5 posts.

-- If I set Autoblog to only fetch 1 new post entry at a time, it ONLY gets the latest entry, not everything I have created. I.E., it does not take the the "oldest" post from that feed that it has not yet processed previously. It takes the latest one only.

See what I mean?

What I want to happen is for autoblog to import the latest 5 posts from my rss feed, then publish them at specific intervals, for example, every two hours, or every three hours, etc.

Is there any way I can accomplish this?



  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello Robert,

    It looks like it is impossible to achieve you want with default settings of the Autoblog plugin as for scheduled posts there are only two options: timestamp from RSS or import date.
    Let me ping plugin developer if there is possibility to change that with quick code snippet so imported posts will have future date.

    kind regards,

  • Robert
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks Kasia, it would be greatly appreciated. The biggest thing here is that we can create as much content as we need in advance and simply have the AutoBlog plugin read the feed and, starting with the oldest post (that it has not yet processed), schedule each one at specific intervals, such as every two hours.

    I am "thinking" that a drop down addition to Post Status (Draft, Published, Scheduled) would allow you to tell the plugin to schedule every 1 hour, every 2 hours, every 5 hours, just like the drop down that tells Autoblog how often to retrieve new posts. Certainly it would make my life easier in that we would not have to wait for an hour to do each post to give Autoblog enough time to read the first one.

  • Rupok
    • Support Ninja

    Hi Robert, hope you had a wonderful day.

    I just talked to our Developer and he said, this is not possible out of the box. But I think this is a nice feature. So I'm moving your thread to our Features and Feedback section. More people liking the idea, more chances our developers will work on this and will include this feature in our future releases.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

  • Robert
    • Flash Drive

    Rupok, ok, then to be clear, let me summarize what I would like to see happen -- and something I think could benefit other users of this plugin:

    1. When specifying whether to "Schedule" posts, you are given a frequency option:
    -- Daily: Number of Posts Per day (1 to 24, where 1 would be daily, 2 would be every 12 hours, etc)
    -- Beginning Time: set the initial time per day, so for example if you chose 8am, then the first post would be scheduled for 8am. All other would use this as a starting point for scheduling each day. Thus, if you chose 2 posts per day starting at 08:00:00, then the first one would be scheduled for 8am and then next for 20:00:00

    2. When choosing the number of recent posts to import, you are given a second option to choose HOW to import them:
    -- Import from FIRST/Oldest Unused Post?
    -- Import from Newest Unused Post

    Hope that helps clarify, and summarize. The entire advantage of this plugin is in its efficiency and i firmly believe that this would help to further automate people's content and increase efficiency overall.

  • Robert
    • Flash Drive

    Hey Mike, no, sorry, I did not.

    I'm hopeful more people will see this as a needed feature request and, thus, prompt the developers to add it. Personally, I think the ability to do this is a necessity for a plugin like this as it really expands its functionality.

    • Mike D
      • The Bug Hunter

      Auto Post Scheduler plugin seems to be working well with AutoBlog. In AB, set feed import status to Pending. Then use APS to publish those posts on a schedule.

      I messed around with IFTTT but I have not found a way to set conditions like I can in AB. Example, import only RSS posts that contain a keyword. As far as batch importing and then schedule publishing one at a time, I think the answer is to use keywords to create separate AB imports, on different schedules, importing one post at a time for each feed you setup. That will make the import time unique and divide the batch into unique posts.

      • Robert
        • Flash Drive

        Thanks Mike. Funny enough, I was coming here to offer that suggestion as well.

        Having said that, it would still be nice to see that level of scheduling functionality be included in AutoBlog by default since it forces us to use one plugin to extend the functionality of another one. And if either one becomes imcompatible with one another, or does not receive updates, everything is borked again.

        As a premium plugin, I do firmly think some extended functionality in Autoblog should be considered, certainly as it pertains to scheduling. If Auto Post Scheduler added RSS importing, it'd almost effectively replace the need for Autoblog entirely.

        In short, Autoblog needs some work with the scheduling aspect and I hope the authors consider it.

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