AutoBlog Scheduling Issue

I’m having a real difficult time trying to figure something out, and hopefully someone can provide me a solution.

— Each morning, I create 4 or 5 new posts in my backend (not wordpress).

— Then a cronjob reads my backend and outputs an rss file

— This file is read by Autoblog and processed.

All of this works except for one thing. I want AutoBlog to read my rss feed and then publish the posts, but not at the same time. But it cannot/will not do this for me.

Here’s what I have tried so far:

— I’ve set Autoblog to import the most recent 5 posts, and set status to “Published”. Autoblog will publish all of the posts immediately from the import time set.

— Importing the most recent 5 posts, I choose Scheduled. The issue here is that Autoblog uses my rss feed stamp for the posts and since the feed was created before the AutoBlog import, AutoBlog immediately publishes all 5 posts.

— If I set Autoblog to only fetch 1 new post entry at a time, it ONLY gets the latest entry, not everything I have created. I.E., it does not take the the “oldest” post from that feed that it has not yet processed previously. It takes the latest one only.

See what I mean?

What I want to happen is for autoblog to import the latest 5 posts from my rss feed, then publish them at specific intervals, for example, every two hours, or every three hours, etc.

Is there any way I can accomplish this?