Autoblog setup

Is there anything I need to do to "activate" this plug-in? I installed it, setup 2 feeds, set both to 5 minutes and nothing is happening. I called HostGator and they said they allow people to create cron jobs.

I added a button to the plugin to call the process_autoblog() function directly and it works great.

Can you help put this function in a standalone php file so I can create the cron job to it manually in cpanel?

  • erealestatemu

    That makes sense. I just tried a wp cron demo that fires every minute (which I triggered by visit my sites) and it worked great. Since these sites are still in developments, it makes sense that no one has visited them to trigger the job.

    However, for my purposes I think I need to fire them externally (thanks for the wp-cron.php tip). I want these sites to generate some content on their own so they get indexed and attract more visitors. Otherwise it will be a "chicken and the egg" situation where no one will come because there is nothing there and there is nothing there because no one is coming to trigger it.

    Thanks for your help. It's a GREAT plugin!

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