AutoBlog Solution

I thought I would try the plugin I need most before I signup for your Full Membership. The plugin I am using is the AutoBlog plugin. I have tried a few out recently (i.e. WP Robot, RSS Multi-Importer, etc, etc...), and while they all have their good qualities, yours has done ecatly what I needed it to do the moment I activated it and started using it. However, here's the ONE problem I am facing right now;

I am running a user generated funny image and funny video site. However, in the the meantime, before I get the site up and running for the public to come in and start submitting their own content, I am harvesting content via RSS feed from other funny images site on the web. I am running this site the same as I do one of my other sites, and as you can see when you visit one of my other site; , I am only in need of importing the Title from the RSS feed and the images. However, I NEED for the image to be posted as the Featured Image in all posts, which your plugin has accomplished. However, even though it is able to do this, it is also posting this image in the article post itself, and I do not need it to do this. I only require the Title, and the Image, and the Image MUST be set as the featured image. No actual article post is required.

Can this be done using your autoblog? I sure hope so.

I will be awaiting your response.

Thank you in advance,