Autoblog Title Link

I have Autoblog installed and working without a hitch but it is not exactly doing what I need it to do. When it creates the post on the site it is installed on, the home page displays some of the content and the title links to the originating subsite. If I add the most recent posts widget the title is displayed and when I click that, it also goes back to the source site.

Since the post has been created on, I'd like visitors to stay on that site to read the post and not bounce to the subsite. At the moment I do not see any way to link to the new post, for the most part, it is not accessible to a visitor on the site.

How do I configure autoblog to link to the post that was created when the RSS feed was parsed on the site rather than link to the subsite it came from? I would prefer to have the source URL in the post itself and I do see a function for that in the plugin config dashboard...