autoblog with Twitter, Flickr and Youtube

I'm testing Autolog plugin for few days and it does what it what supposed to do. I'm testing it with Twitter, Flickr and Youtube.

For info, the people who publish on the portal with Twitter, Flickr image and Youtube video have no computer, just a cell phone. I'm teaching them how to update information on the web with just a mobile phone and they love it. They simply use SMS for Twitter updates, and email to upload to Flickr and Youtube. All they use is an email title, and email body message and an image or a video.

So here are the requests I'm facing with the three (Twitter, Flickr, Youtube)

With Twitter, the RSS feed contains the username in the RSS feed. So the title of the blog post is [username] : [title]. This is repeated in the content (no problem), but if a link is inserted in the Tweet, it is not possible to click on it. So for Twitter and Autoblog, this could be useful to remove the username in the title and description and make the link clickable.

With Flickr, the title is used for the title of the post, great. The body message is used for the description, also great. But the image used is the small version (240x180) This could be replace with the normal version (500x375). And this would be perfect. If the link in the message could be converted this would be also great.

With Youtube, the title is used for the title, the body message of the email or the description. This is very nice. What would be really nice is to embed the video in the post instead of linking to the video on Youtube. I've read somewhere that the problem could be the tag not allowed by WPMU, but I can install the unfiltered MU tags if needed. The image provided in the Youtube RSS feed is too small for a blog post. Same for the links, not clickable.

This is the first time I use the forums for a feature request and I can give more feedbacks separately based on users requests if needed.