Autocreate post on member sign up

I'm wondering how easy it would be to set up a scenario where when a member joins (or upgrades) they automatically get a custom post created that they can then edit. Ideally the post would also have an expiry that coincides with the membership expiry. Each member would also (fantasy land?) be limited to only one of these posts.
Any suggestions for how to achieve this would be very welcome.

  • Patrick
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    Hi @ChrisMc,

    That's a very use-specific request you're making :slight_smile:

    It sounds like it would require a bridging plugin between Membership and, say, CustomPress. That bridging plugin would need to be "tuned in " to the API of whatever payment gateway you're using, get "pinged" by it for each payment, then check if a custom post already exists for the member ID and create one if it doesn't. Further, it would require editing capability assigned to a specific post/member relationship that would expire with membership.

    That's no easy task. Have you considered hiring a developer for this?

  • ChrisMc
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    That's what I thought. However, I don't necessarily need to have the payment confirmed to trigger publication; it could be triggered when an admin upgrades the membership level.

    I have thought about hiring a developer but I don't think it warrants it in this particular case. The number of sign ups is likely to be small - a few a week so I think it will be more efficiently dealt with by manually dealing with the new members posts. But yes it looks like using custom posts (or possibly Formidable Pro) and the membership plugin to achieve what I want.

    Thanks for the comments though.

  • Patrick
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    If you're anticipating a relatively low number of signups, it would definitely be easier doing it manually.

    I'm going to go ahead and mark this thread as resolved. If you still need more help on this, simply re-open the thread by ticking the Mark as Not Resolved (re-open) box below.

    Have fun!


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