Automate affiliate on membership sign-up

Is there a way to bypass the request to become an affiliate?


We are using the membership plugin & Affiliate plugin for a membership site with 3 levels of paid subscription and 1 free. (on WPMU 3.2.1)

We would like to edit the Membership sign-up sortcode to include affiliate details such as ‘affiliate PayPal email address’ and activate affiliation immediately rather than using the above short code on a page in the members area (that we have designed)

Though I do relise too, that there will be a need for an option for the member to edit their PayPal address later if they so choose.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    We’ve got plans to allow for more subscription form modification in a future release, but for now it’s not possible without custom coding.

    You could edit the affiliate plugin so that it defaults to ‘yes’ and then post the paypal email from your subsription form to the user_meta table option ‘affiliate_paypal’.

    I’ll also mark this one as a feature request and alert the developer so he’s aware of your request. We’ll see if more advanced integration can be worked into a future revision. Any other +1s for this?


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