Automate – minimum requirement for update

I have just added a website with WP 3.7 to test if automated updates work with such an old WP, it seems that it isn’t. what is the minimal supported version for Automate?

  • Adam Czajczyk
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    Hello Piotr

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    That’s a fair question but I’m afraid no straight answer. Automate is a “service” – running on our end – so itself it doesn’t have any requirements other than being able to connect to the site but that’s where things get a bit more complex.

    To be able to connect to the site, it needs WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin running. We always guarantee that it will work (and if it doesn’t, we’re here to assist you and find a fix) with the most recent major releases of WordPress. With older ones, there’s too many factors involved. The basic rule is – if you are able to install WPMU DEV Dashboard on a given site, it activates fine and you’re able to log-in to your WPMU DEV account/The Hub, then you’d need to try to install any of our plugins via “WPMU DEV -> Plugins” page in site’s back-end. If this works, Automate should also work, unless for example our IPs are blocked or there are some other server-side issues that prevent connection. But that’s a different story and not related to the WP version.

    From our tests (my colleague tested it specifically regarding your question) it seems that on 4.3 release WPMU DEV Dashboard installs and logs-in but doesn’t let install plugins so I’d say that there’s a good chance that on 3.7 it won’t work properly either, meaning that Automate will not work too.

    However, that’s also a case with tons of other plugins that might not work properly with such outdated WP release. What I would strongly recommend would be to first manually update these sites – WP core, plugins and themes, preferably on their staging/dev copies first to make sure that that everything goes fine – and then setup WPMU DEV Dashboard and configure Automate for them. Automate would then take care of further updates, we’re taking care of updating WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin and Automate to provide full compatibility with current versions of WP “on the go” and we’d be able to assist you in case of any unexpected issues with any of them.

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