Automated Emails not sent - Wrong email sent

To whom it may concern,

Everything works as expected except for the automated emails. The system does send emails so any SMTP/PHP setting is not the problem.

We have two problems that I can describe:

1. On registration, before payment (payment works fine), the system sends a message to the newly registered user.
What we get: "Notice of Password Change"
What we expect: "New User Registration" confirmation

2. Any other trigger (described in the Automated Messages in Membership2) does not send an email. Nor does the admin receive an email for the new registration.

Two possible causes that I can come up with:

1. Originally, I had put this code in the wp-config.php file: define('MS_STOP_EMAILS', true);
I have since removed the definition and it seems that the system does not recognize that it has been removed? Setting it to 'false' doesn't seem to help either.

2. We use UPME (User Profiles Made Easy) for extra user meta fields. Apparently, this plugin uses its own messaging for registration triggers. Perhaps there is a conflict between UPME and Membership2. Are you aware of any such conflict(s)? Are you aware of any solutions to a possible conflict.

I know that you suggest using CIMY for user fields. However, if we switch now then we loose 25+ fields of custom meta for each of the 125+ users. If needs be we can delete UPME and use CIMY instead while manually updating 125 profiles. A solution that isn't practical since we need this site up and running next week.

As far as I know, you still have access to the site. Perhaps you could take a look. Any help would be appreciated.

Jason Jeffers - web developer for AWCA