Automatic invoices with Pro Sites?


Is there a way to automatically generate invoices to clients when they subscribe to one of our levels?

If not, are you thinking about implement this feature?

  • Tulipwork
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    OK thanks Ari:wink:

    It would be very nice to have this feature in the future, because customers pay and it’s important to send them invoices (and store an history of invoices in their admin), at least from a legal point of view ?


  • tryst
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    Hiya Tulipwork,

    If you use Stripe for your payment processing, then each time a payment is made via Stripe the user receives an email receipt.

    It details your company (or organisation) name, description of the subscription, amount and date, the name of the cardholder, the last four digits of the card used.

    It also gives the full name of the company, and a company contact email address. Naturally you can add further details there like company registration details, VAT number.

    This can all be configured in Stripe. Note, if you’re in the ‘test’ mode on stripe you won’t see these email receipts in your inbox.

    You can however see them if you click on “Customers”, click on a customer name, then scroll down to the section that says “Invoices”. Get into one of the invoices by clicking invoice amount (the number is a link). To see it how they would see it, there is a little feint link on the top-right of that page called “View Receipt”. This will show what the receipt/invoice looks like when a customer receives it.

    So, in summary then:

    1) If you use Stripe then it will send out an invoice / receipts with each payment that has all your relevant comany details on it.

    2) There is a history of invoices stored on Stripe for each customer.

    3) There is a history of all cancellations of refunds per customer stored on Stripe too.

    I think that’s the functionality you’re after and it’s kept safe on Stripe itself for you.

    There are also online accounts packages that play nicely and integrate with Stripe too, we use one called FreeAgent which is pretty cool.

    I hope that’s of some help to you?


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