Automatic change admin to subscriber

Hi, maybe a strange question, but here it goes.

Since we have membership installed and new members automatically get the subscriber status it has happened several times that the admin status also gets changed automatically to subscriber.

We have two admins and on Saturday both of us were downgraded to subscriber and could only restore it by adjusting it through ftp in the database. This morning again one has been set back to subscriber. We have not done anything else/new but I think there iOS a coincidence as it started exactly when we installed Membership.


  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello @Maarten

    Welcome to WPMU community!

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    Do you have any other plugin that plays with user roles?
    Both admins are super user and not subscribed to any membership, right?
    And are you using advanced rule in any membership level?

    Please let us know.


  • Maarten
    • New Recruit

    Hi Ash,

    Thanks for replying this quick.

    No other plugins that are using user roles.

    However, apparently we were not both super users. I have changed this so maybe the problem is already solved.

    This is what the plugin itself installed:
    membershipadmindashboard, membershipadminmembers, membershipadminlevels, membershipadminsubscriptions, membershipadmincoupons, membershipadminpurchases, membershipadmincommunications, membershipadmingroups, membershipadminpings, membershipadmingateways, membershipadminoptions, membershipadminupdatepermissions, membershipadmin, frm_view_forms, frm_edit_forms, frm_delete_forms, frm_change_settings

    Lets just wait for a day to find out if it has been solved by changing both to super users:



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