Automatic Creation of Subdomain Multisite Blog according to Username Possible? (ie: create - "u

Not sure if this might be a Membership or Upgrades plugin, but here's what I want to do:

- Person registers on the site. Upon registration, they are automatically given their own subdomain blog configured as "". (I have already successfully configured MU on a Hostgator VPN account through Plesk.)

- If they pay for either an upgrade, then they get access to extra plugins for their blog. Different packages will govern which plugins they get to use.

I have a fresh install of all the latest and greatest going - nothing needs updating. Is what I am requesting possible? And, if so, is there a plugin that accomplishes this? And/or does anyone wanna make some money to make this a reality?


  • Mark

    Just for everyone's benefit - I managed to churn through this process after what seemed like 20 or 30 hours, and the fixes are simple - but not necessarily intuitive. I know others have experienced the same issues, as the boards are riddled with identical - and presumably still unresolved - challenges. Here are some pointers when attempting to enable Multisite on Wordpress:

    1. Plesk is quite complex and has issues. Follow all the pointers that you see on this site like ServerAlias *, then copy and paste all the code into your wp-config and htaccess files, and make sure you do all your warm-fuzzy stuff with vhost.conf files on the server, AND remember to restart your server, AND remember the permalinks resave. Okay, great - I got that far. BUT THEN:

    2. Check to make sure you have set up your IP address in Plesk as the "default" IP for your domain. This turned out to be the secret sauce: I did not do this, and as a consequence, I kept on getting the Default Plesk Domain page for any new registrations that are likewise set up on a subdomain. This - it turned out - was the root of the problem. (heh... geeky pun not intended...)

    3. And, even then, setting up Multisite is great, and it works and all that - but there are still the plugins to contend with. Now, I'm not sure if this is stated explicitly anywhere - and I could be wrong - but none of the plugins were showing up in the Network Admin box until AFTER I disabled them all, and then re-enabled them. I'm on WP 3.2.1. Could have been a fluke, but it all only started working correctly after I did that. Admittedly, I might not have read the instruction manual in its entirety.

    4. It might be worth clarifying further what the different radio option mean in "Network Settings -> Registration Settings -> Allow New Registrations...", as this certainly had an impact on getting closer to getting the subdomain explicitly created as per the original request. Again, might be documented, but I couldn't seem to find it.

    Hope this helps someone. Mods, feel free to delete / edit / whatever with content that you deem to be more appropriate or correct.

  • Philip John

    Okay, when you say "given the option" - does that mean it is created automatically, or does that mean they have to opt-in to have it created?

    So long as site registration is enabled in network settings, the registration form will have give the user two options;
    - Gimme a site!
    - Just a username please

    The former is the option I'm talking about which, when selected, will then ask the user to provide the name of their site. This will be auto-filled with their chosen username from step 1.


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