We have been having a whole host of problems recently with membership 2, but we are now receiving many complaints from members that are receiving multiple ‘your membership is about to expire’ emails. They are only set to send 15 days before at the minute, but some members are receiving between 4 and 8 emails!

I need to know why these are sending so randomly, as in the new year we will need to set reminders to send emails saying ‘your account has expired, please renew’ every month or so, but I don’t want people to receive loads in between. Is that possible?

Support access is currently enabled on the site if you could go in and take a look.

Also – Is it possible to export a report that will show the status of each membership? Expired, Not paid, Cancelled etc? At the moment I am not able to figure out the correct fields to select and I need to be able to see the different status of each membership easily for accounting.

Thanks in advance