Automatic external links open in new window option.

Hi there... This request is specific to AutoBlog but is equally valid as a global plugin/option I guess.

Would it be possible to have an option added in the actual AutoBlog admin interface or an official AutoBlog addon which does this?

The suggestions given in the AutoBlog forums to manually add "Target='_blank'" are great but for me personally, I would prefer not to install large numbers of little plugins to give extra functionality to many of the wpmudev code. Some of these external plugins/drop-ins may or may not be updated in the future. Also, editing configs and other files may cause newer web owners to break more things than they fix. It might also help support because in the event of problems, you know exactly what the code is if they can make use of your code to add this feature.

The other benefit, of course, is that wpmudev can promote themselves more by being able to say "The AutoBlog plugin is all you need!" (Well, for these options anyway) :wink:

This isn't a major thing that needs to be added "right this moment". But I and (probably many others) would appreciate this being an optional feature built-in the the actual plugin itself. Maybe next time the devs are doing some work on the code, it can be done. Of course, this should be an optional feature (even just to make sure it doesn't conflict with the other methods people have manually added to provide this functionality).

All the best,

P.S. I was asked to open a new thread regarding this. :slight_smile: