Automatic Linking on a Per-Site Basis in Multi-site

We have a network of about 70 sites we're using Infinite SEO's Automatic Linking feature. I can see where we can control the links from the Network side on the settings page, but is there a way to override this on a per-site basis?

On the bottom of the settings screen it says "Allow Site Admin access - If enabled, this tab will be available to Site Admins once you switch to per-blog mode." --- Where can Site Admins see this tab? How do you switch to "per-blog" mode?


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    Hi there :slight_smile:

    Upon looking at the Installation and Use Instructions Page I found:

    Now allow site-by-site control when network activated!
    You can toggle between these per-site or network modes by setting a "WDS_SITEWIDE" define to false. The best place to do this is in your wp-config.php file, because it won't be overwritten by updates. So, this would be the basic workflow: 1) While in network-wide (default) mode, make your selection of which tabs you wish to allow your admins to change. 2) Once you're done with that, open your wp-config.php and add in this line of code: define( 'WDS_SITEWIDE', false ); 3) Instead in network area, the plugin settings pages will appear in site admin area of each blog. Any settings in tabs you mark as inaccessible should be inherited sitewide, but everything your site admins can control should be site-specific.

    Does this help?



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