Automatic links problem

Here are three problems about Automatic Links in Infinite SEO.

1- Unlike other SEO plugins, there's no focus keyword option (i.e. YOAST wordpress SEO plugin). In-site linking do work with exact matches with the post titles, but this is not useful.

2- If you use your title in the post, it links back the same post. This is totally unreasonable. For example, if your page title is "Christopher Hitchens" and if you use "Christopher Hitchens" in the post text, it links back the exactly same post. The post is linking itself. Why on earth a web page need this?

3- If you use "Christopher Hitchens" in another post more than once, it is linking all of them. It is no good to link the same post more than once in the same post.

Or am i doing something wrong? i.e.settings, or something?