Automatic Ongoing Maintenance Package for Premium WP sites.

I own an online marketing company where we develop premium wp sites for my clients. While the hosting is on their own accounts (that we usually set up for them based on whichever hosting company we suggest to them), I need a premium maintenance package that's completely automated (runs by itself each day) that I can offer to them that will provide the following:

- Overall security for their site (like BetterWPSecurity plugin)
- Daily auto backups of their ftp and db to an external location (like GoogleDrive, BOX, Dropbox, email, etc...of the client's choice) with an option to completely restore back to previous restore point on both ftp/db with just a "1 Click Button".
- automatic power tools to clean spam comments and splogs
- a script to optimize and repair the db automatically each day.
- a script to email users who have not posted anything or not logged in in a certain time.
- a script that automatically scans the site each day for any bugs/conflicting issues with any plugins/themes that have been updated that previous day.
- if hosting is down, or site is not performing fast enough, that a script will scan the site to automatically notify us via a special email that we enter in.

I genuinely don't mind if I have to install 5 or more different plugins to accomplish everything above. I also don't mind if all the plugins/scripts are premium that I have to pay for. I just don't want anything conflicting with each other and I also don't want it to become obsolete within 6-18months wherein I have to find a new solution for all my clients again.