Automatic Registration to Specific Blogs on same Network site

<strike>First let me say it was late last night and I didn't same url of the posts I found this on so if you are the author of this php Code and suggestion of the wpmu power tools please say so. So you can get credit for the code and suggestion of power tools. </strike>

Found the person for the code dsader I think hes a member so when you read this Thank You

Developers Please look this over I did test and it worked on my test site.
if you want to test I will leave the test site up for a while to test.
main blog is 3aliens (dot) org ( for sign up of a blog)
add on blogs are help.3aliens (dot) org and newblogtemplate.3aliens (dot) org
Please note this is a test site and will probably be taken down in a few days.

A lot of people have been asking for a plug in to copy from one blog ( main ) to addon blogs ( sites ).
there is a plug in that will do it from main site to main site or main site to main sites add on blog.

I found a php script that will do this automatically upon user signup (author un kown sorry)
(I have not tested if you shut of registration I just thought of this while typing.)

Drop this into a .php file and stick into mu-plugins

add_action( 'wpmu_new_user', 'ds_new_user_meta', 10, 2);
function ds_new_user_meta($user_id) {
add_user_to_blog('4', $user_id, 'contributor');
// adds every new user to blog_id 70
} ?>

to add multiple users to multiple blogs
Download wpmu power tools ( thank you Ovidiu for the new link)

Then Paste this and execute

// adds multiple users to multiple blogs ASAP
$blogs = array(2,11,21);
$users = array(3,5);
foreach ($blogs as $blog) {
foreach($users as $user) {
add_user_to_blog($blog, $user, 'contributor');

In this example, I needed users 2,11,21 to be added to blogs 3 and 5 as contributors.
Keep a .txt file in your WPMU dir with "one time" snips of code such as this to use again and again.

Screwed up and need to remove mass users from multiple blogs?

$blogs = array(63,70);
$users = array(39,40,41,42,51,52,53);
foreach ($blogs as $blog) {
foreach($users as $user) {
remove_user_from_blog($user, $blog); // notice order

I hope this helps if it did my points are low :>