Automatic Upgrade for SBE 2.8.1 ??? Manual update is problem.

With the new Subscribe update every user must now perform a manual upgrade process.

Is there a way to automate this? One site OK, but for Multisite a nightmare.

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @kennibc, hope you're doing well today. :slight_smile:

    It seems like there may be a way to automate this, after perusing the code.

    However, I'm curious as to whether or not the reason behind it being manual is to ensure that the update takes place, as WordPress's cron system (the system that'd be leveraged for automation here) only gets engaged when a visitor visits your site.

    Depending on how many subscribers a sub-site admin may have, it could take a while for all of the subscribers to be imported to the new tables inside the database, since each visit would trigger the next step of the import process.

    (it imports in groups of subscribers here, so that it's not too big of a request for the server to process)

    I've called in our SLS guys on this one, to see if they have any suggestions on how you could go about automating this, though it's possible we may need to involve the developer here as well.


  • kennibc

    With the manual upgrade I have to involve the end user. Not very professional if providing a service.

    The end user should be able to just use the service and not "help" complete administrative/maintenance tasks.

    Also, we have many users who only use the wordpress app as they find it convenient and easy to update their sites. They very rarely login to their Dashboard.

    Yes, I could try to get everyone to login and click the update button but this should not happen. Just hoping there is a better solution.

    Can it be picked up on running the Update Network for multisites???

  • Ignacio

    Hi there @kennibc.

    Attached to this post you'll find a new plugin. You'll need to upload it to plugins folder and network activate it.

    You'll see a new submenu under Settings called "Subscribe By Email Updater".

    Just put the number of blogs that you want to process every time and click on the submit button. The number of blogs that you indicated will be upgraded. I think this is the best way I found to upgrade several blogs at the same time.

    Just don't put too many blogs on the batch or you could end up with a timeout, however the blog won't be updated in that case so you can keep going with the upgrade anyway.


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