Automatically Add Friend for All New Users

If there is a way to hack the Friends plugin for automatically adding User ID x as a Friend for all new members, please advise and feel free to move this to the appropriate forum. If not, consider this a feature request! I searched the forums but couldn’t find any discussion about what we’d like to do here …

SUGGESTION: Automatically Add Specific Users as Friends to All New Members

DESCRIPTION: Include “config” section in plugin for assigning user IDs of existing members who will automatically be added as a Friend to all new registered users.

REASON: Eliminates “blank” Friends widgets from being displayed on sites of members who add the widget but don’t add any Friends.

EXAMPLE: We want Admin (id 1) and Jerry (id 2) to be Friends of all community members so their avatars appear first in the Friends widget if/when added to the member’s site.

Thanks for the consideration!

EXTRA CREDIT: Insert an “Add Friends Here” link to the Widget in the Appearance admin pane directing users to their Friends tab for adding friends once the widget has been added*.

*See attachment.