Automatically assign a service provider when a client selects "no preference"

Hi All,

Just running a few test ideas around and have the following question

If a client selects "no preference" from the list of service providers is it possible that instead of booking with "our staff" the plugin will automatically select an appropriately available service provider. Currently its not blocking out anyone's schedule so when someone books with "no preference" I would have to manually assign the appointment quickly before someone else books out a time with the relevant service provider.

Is this how it's suppose to work or do I not have it set up properly? It would be nice to have some kind of automatic selection. I don't need to know how to block out the "no preference" so someone has to select a service provider. I have this working already but thinking of how I could get something working where a client doesn't have to select a service provider if they dont want to and I can do minimal admin.

Kind Regards