Automatically image scale to fit


facebook has a very nice option when you upload an image and create thumbnail you can "Scale to fit" so all the image will always be visible in a square image size.

I want all logos I am uploading to my wordpress site to be always scale to be visible the entire image.

is there any plugin to do this work? i want only specific uploads/images to be done not all images uploads.

  • Patrick

    Hi @dinko

    That is already built-in to the WordPress Media Library features.

    Go to your media library and click on any image you want to edit. That will open the Edit Media screen for that image (1st screenshot).

    Then click the "Edit" button under the image which will open the advanced editor where you can tailor the dimensions to your exact specifications. You can even select to apply your changes to all image sizes, only the thumbnails, or all but the thumbnails (2nd screenshot).

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