Automatically play 2 songs (one for 30 seconds then the other) then vote on one.

Hi, I needed to add some functionality to my clients web site including the following:

– Audio player with auto track start with 30 second time range control ( only play first 30 seconds).

– Auto switching to next track and repeat 30 second time range.

– Countdown Timer displaying 30 second countdown in large text when each song starts.

– If possible I would like the audio player open in a pop up window to help force the user to listen to both songs. If not that’s fine.

I rewrote the following as a user case scenario just in case clarification is needed. This is what the preferred method is for my client. I expect I may have to structure something similar instead.

– Page opens and displays a list of band battles. (These are links to posts.)

– User Clicks on a band battle link and goes to linked post.

– A band battle posts opens for a song battle between 2 bands.

This is the part I need help with using any various methods / plugins.

A – When the post opens the first of two songs automatically plays.

B – The user will see the song title and large countdown displayed from 30 to 0.

C – When the first of two songs reaches zero the audio player will automatically change to song 2 in the playlist.

D – When this is done the user will vote on their preferred song.

(I already have a good voting plugin)

I appreciate any help or suggestions you may have on methods, plugins, or themes for this purpose and I expect I’ll have to modify my user scenario to what can actually be done. Any advice will be a big help.

Again, thanks very much.