Automatically rename media

I'd like to be able to auto-rename images based on the post/page they're in.
It would be awesome if you can add this feature in future updates of either Smush or Smartcrawl.

  • Andy

    Cool idea @9dcube! Can you tell me little bit more about what you need from this...

    Is it to save time by automatically setting alt text based on the post title?
    Or, simply renaming the image Title - which isn't output on the frontend?
    Or, were you wanting to go as far as changing 591094356.jpg to travel-tips-for-switzerland.jpg (If that was your post title)?

    Just trying to understand what level of automation you'd like, as this all totally do-able! :grin:

  • Chris


    Thanks for getting back.

    The idea came up while checking out Smartcrawl. I'm interested in making SEO as effortless and as resistant to human error (forgetting...) as possible.

    So, it would be great to auto-SEO image alt text and image title.jpg. Anything that would benefit SEO and/or UX.

    The original thought was for us (post/page creators) to continue making sure the image titles are relevant to the image and then, using a plugin, automatically add the image title & page/post title to the alt-text. I think this would benefit SEO & UX.

    Although, it would be great if there's a way to do it all. But, I have a couple thoughts/concerns about auto-adding/changing the image Title.

    1-Is it possible to change the title/alt-text (as mentioned above) when an image is associated with a page but not change it in the Media Library (basically just on the page)? If it changes in the Media Library, each pic kind of has a 1 x use limit. And, accidentally using it on another post would re-write the name/alt-text. Possibly harming UX & SEO on the previous post(s).

    This may be fine for most people in most situations though. And, if an image will be used again a second copy could be added. Curious what others experience is. Do most people re-use images? How often?

    2-Is it possible to modify the Image Title &/or Alt text-based on the nearest H1 or H2 (whatever would be best) heading/sub-heading? Not on the page/post name. That way, multiple images on a single page will have unique text/titles and both the text and titles will be more accurate, useful & relevant.

    I don't know how possible any of this is, how in demand/beneficial, or how involved the code. But, appreciate the consideration.


    • Andy

      Hey Chris,

      No worries! It's an intriguing request.

      With SEO, the danger in automation is penalisation... If Google starts seeing that you have duplicate headings/content on each page the algorithm may in turn rank your page lower compared to more unique content. With that said, an alt tag that models itself off the topic (title) instead of "image1.jpg" (or nothing) for example will surely be better.

      I really like the idea of being able to override the default alt tag set by WP Media - that's a PITA for re-use. So at the very least I'd like to see that included in our pipeline, and soon.

      I'll get thinking about this and see what kinda of implementation can meet both your automation needs but the needs of Google and general SEO best practice too.


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