Automating Domain Mapping for a seamless user experience


I have installed the Pro-Sites and Domain Mapping Plugin.

1. I would like my users to select their domain using an interface

Q. Do I need to develop this interface, or do we have any functionality available to do this?

2. I would like to map the domain automatically to a parked domain.

Q. Is this possible using the WPMU Dev plugins?

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  • Alexander
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    Hi @Santosh,

    1. Sure, Domain Mapping allows users to input their own domain to use. Under "Mapping Options" you'll be asked to enter your server IP. In the user's dashboard, they'll be given instructions to create an A record pointing to that IP address.

    2. A mapped domain would either point to your server's IP address, or to the primary domain for this site. There also isn't a way to automatically create a parked domain on your hosting account. However, as long as the user's domain has the A record created, it should resolve to your server and map properly to their subsite.

    Best regards,

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