Automating Google Maps Creation

First, a little bit on the background of what I want to achieve:

I am trying to build a site where people can sign up and when they become registered, they can create their 'profile' page on which they enter a brief description about themselves,a featured image, and their address (street address or latitude and longitude).

Once they do this, a 'page' is created for them where their description appears and a Google Map is automatically created using the address specified in the address field and using their featured image as the marker image.

So, my questions are as follows:

- will I need a custom post type to achieve this? (if yes, do you have a recommendation on a plugin that can facilitate this?)

- if I end up having to use a custom post type, can I simply specify my custom field 'label' for the 'address' field in my custom post type in the Google Maps plugin settings and it will automatically create the map on the user's 'page'?

- how would I go about having a page that an admin can access to see all the markers the users created?