Automation of mass migration

I have only been a member of WPMUdev for 2 days but have already learned more about MU than in the past few weeks.

I have the task to migrate apprx 450 stand-alone WP 3.0 installs to MU. So far I have the all the domains mapped and all 450 MU accounts created by using the batch create plug-in. I have also migrated all the themes and plug-ins for my stand alone sites use. "Luckily", 99% of my stand alone sites have an identical plug-in usage footprint, and no customized code or themes. All sites are also version 3.01

Question: Does anyone have advice on automation of the the rest of the tasks I am facing (the hard part), such as:
* Programatically generate XML exports from all 450 sites (and automating the import also would be nice)
* Scripting the pumping of data from the single databases into the MU database, I have SQL dumps of all 450 databases extracted.
* Mapping the stand alone sites to the site-id's of the newly create MU blogs.

Thanks in advance for any advice or help.