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In step 4 of the plugin page, it's written: "the default installation only has a single action for each level". Is there a non-default installation? Does that mean the plugin could be extended with other hooks? That would be great (out-of-the-box or by extension):
- User/blog signup (send reminders if the account has not been activated)
- BuddyPress friendship requests/accepts
- Any other "event" that sends emails


  • DavidM
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    Hi asimetrick,

    I believe that is the case. On a cursory glance through the code I noticed on line 962 of class.automessage.php mention of a hook right before the listing of the default included actions.

    I'll ask the developer if he can shed some light on that.


  • asimetrick
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    Well, I'm not that sure.

    You're right, like it's coded on that line, it looks very generic. But the switch on that $hook var a couple of lines below is very restrictive: 'wpmu_new_blog' or 'wpmu_new_user', no other case (nor a default case by the way). And it's just the function that displays the list of actions. If you look at the function(s) that display(s) the edit form (lines 752 and 845, I didn't understand why the two functions), it's the same restriction: only one hard coded available option in the select!

    What do you think?

  • asimetrick
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    Thanks David.

    So let's wait and see what the future releases of the plugin will do with that. In the meantime, I've already developed my own "plugin" for the other hooks I mentioned and I mark this topic as resolved.

    Thanks for everything.

  • asimetrick
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    Well, it's more custom code that fulfills my need than an actual plugin. I have kind of extended Automessage with a feature that allows to:
    - Customize the content of some standard WordPress and BuddyPress emails almost the same way Automessage does it (private custom post type);
    - Remove emails sent by WordPress and/or BuddyPress on user and blog signup;
    - Remove additional unsubscribe part added by Automessage (I have issues with that part I can share as well);
    - Support i18n: encapsulate content inside shortcodes like [lang="xx"][/lang] (ugly but it works fine);
    - Send emails in the preferred language of the recipients;
    - Send emails in HTML (largely inspired by WP Better Emails).

    I extracted the code in the attached text file. I haven't tested it from that extracted format but everything is there. If WPMU DEV or anyone else would like to package and maintain it as a plugin or anything else, please feel free.


    Edit: Well, the uploader refuses my-less-than-100kb text file. Help required...

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