Automessage v2.0.1

Hi all

I've just uploaded version 2.0.1 of the Automessage plugin (also known as the Automatic follow up emails for new users plugin).

This version has a couple of bug fixes, but the primary enhancement is migration tool to move your data from the old plugins data structure to the new one implemented in version 2.0 +

To enable the migration interface you first need to edit the config.php file located in the automessage/includes directory and edit the line that look like:

Change the false to true, save and upload the file to your server. The next time you click on the automessage dashboard you will see the migration tool shown on the right hand side of the page.

The next step should be to back up your database - just in case... Depending on your server, current settings this process may take a bit of time and we need a back up of the database to restore to in case something stops the migration mid way through.

Finally, click on the Migrate button and wait - it will let you know it's status as it goes through and will display a Migration complete message at the end.

Once this is done, check that the messages are across ok by view the user level messages page (and blog level if you have it) and then re-edit the config.php file to remove the migration interface again.