AutoMessages to Admins of New Sites

Is it possible to use this plug in to send messages to the admins of new sites? I do not see control of the plug in in Network Admin, only site Admin--- under the main site I do not see the users of all the sites.

How would I configure the plug in to do this- Everytime I add a new site- set the admin up on an automessage campaign?

  • DavidM

    Hi arrangingpixels and first off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    I can't really see an easy way to accomplish that given the plugin works at the Site Admin level, not the Network Admin level. If you add a check on the main site to see if a user is an Admin, it'll be in reference to the main site so it wouldn't work right.

    I believe this would be something best done via the Pro Sites plugin, which works on a per-site basis. Integration between Pro Sites and Automessage is planned, too, as per the following thread:

    The Membership plugin has a Communications module which is similar to Automessage, that's what's referenced in that thread.

    Ultimately though, to get Automessage to message only Admins would require an edit to the core plugin code, one that would get a bit extensive, not something we can directly support.

    But we are looking into integration with Pro Sites, which should take care of that.

    Hope that helps!


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