Autopost to Facebook, custom text not saving

I'm trying to use Ultimate Facebook to autopost my articles on Facebook, but this plugin seems to have a strange problem.

I usually type a custom text in 'Publish on Facebook with different title:', but as soon as i hit 'Save as concept' the text disappears. This text only gets saved and used on Facebook when i enter the text and publish it on Facebook right away.

You can imagine that it's pretty annoying to re-type this text everytime i make a small adjustment to my article before publishing it. Am i doing something wrong or is there some way to fix this?

    • Takku

      Hey Predrag,

      Thanks for the quick reply! I know changing the title after publishing won't change anything, this isn't the problem. The problem is as follows:

      1) I make a new post, i put in some text and i save my post as a concept.
      2) I enter a custom title in the Facebook Publishing box
      3) I hit 'Save as concept' again because i'm not ready with my article yet
      4) The custom title in the Facebook Publishing box is gone

      The custom text just won't save! When i enter a custom title and immediately publish my article there's no problem, but if i save it as a concept because i'm not ready to publish it yet the custom title disappears.

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