AutoPost To Wall Issue

Anyone have a quick fix for this.. Sorry posting here but quesions seem to get initial attention and then get left for a while after the firs reply..

I am using the ultimate facebook app.... It publishes to facebook wall instantly but it is posting the url as the post id instead of the permalink causing it to be an error 404 link when clicking on it from facebook...

i was using the networked blogs app on facebook which post the Post Title with link embedded which I like and even has a nice soure title but does not always autopost and sometimes takes hours so looked into ultimate facebook app

I need this to work pretty quickly and not sure why it is doing this...!/greenprintlawncare?sk=wall

B... Also the like buttons under post seem to have a mind of there own and only sho when they want to... Anything on this? Not To mention the comment system does not work at all with my theme...

Thank You