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Hi there

I’ve installed Ultimate Facebook – thanks for the step-by-step documentation on how to set up a FB app, by the way, their world seems pretty mysterious sometimes. It’s all worked very smoothly, but I do have one problem. In the “Autopost to Facebook” settings, I’m trying to map my posts to the new page I’ve set up, hoping that will mean items get posted in the timeline of people following my blog. But I don’t appear to have an option for doing that – it’s only posting them to my personal wall. Am I missing something?

My new page is here: (will get a better URL when I have more than 30 likes).

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    Hi and Welcome to WPMUdev forums! :slight_smile:

    Facebook recently made some changes that will affect the posting to Facebook pages. We are looking into ways to get the “set it and forget about it” functionality back, but for now you will need to do things a bit differently .

    To successfully post to a page (not a profile), you will have to be logged into Facebook, with an account that has administrative privileges over the page he/she wishes to post to.

    This is due to Facebook changing offline permissions. Not much we can do but we were able to get a work around at least :slight_smile: Hopefully we will have a more ideal fix coming very soon (I know the developer is working on it), it’s just up to Facebook what permissions they will grant offline,

    Hope this helps!



    If the above action did not result in the resolution or common end to this ticket then please feel free to come back here for comment. Just be sure you mark “Not Resolved” to re-open or we might miss it! :slight_smile: Thanks!

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    Really? So this plugin can’t be used for posting to pages automatically unless we first log in and click ‘use facebook as’ the page in question… If that’s the case, we may as well point we may as well just paste the link in the status box.


    Perhaps I need to continue reading… could it be this is just an old post. Seems like every time I think one of the WPMU plugins is going do what I need it to do I end up having to replace it with another plugin (most of which are free)

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