Autoresponders and ProSites - different lists for different levels

3rd party Autoresponders, new blog site admins, and ProSites.

I have 3 autoresponder email lists

1. Pre-registration optin ("Tell me more about what you offer")
2. Post-registration (they signed up as site admin, new blog site)
3. Upgraded to ProSite

I need to send different messages to each list...
1. "We are awesome, you should register"
2. "ProSite is awesome, you should upgrade to get these features"
3. "Now that you have Pro, here are the detailed exact instructions to get your site working how you want"

We need to use automation rules such that when they register as a site admin (before ProSite signup), they get put into list #2 AND removed from list #1 (so they no longer get the "go and register" emails).

I have created these lists in Aweber but they can be migrated to MailChimp (or another) if that is deemed the better option.

I already have an Aweber account and know they can do the necessary rule automation.

Optin into list #1 is simple - straightforward optin box on homepage.

Optin into list #2 - how do I get a new blog site admin's details sent into Aweber? Is there a Ping mechanism, similar to the Ping in Membership?
How can I get the data (first name, sitename, email) into Aweber or similar,

Optin into list #3 - From pro sites - How can I get that into Aweber?

What better architecture could get this end-result of 3 lists and rule automation (if in #2 then remove from #1) ?