Available Payment Gateways - Stripe

Here's my situation. I have a live website with Public and Members content. That's all set up manually with php and with stripe as my payment gateway. Right now I have active Stripe gateway members and I am granting access with a mySQL database tracking membership data.

I am migrating my site to a WordPress website. And don't know how to rebuild this Stripe Membership. I would love to use Membership Pro. I have Membership Pro installed and it looks like it is smart and useful; but I see 2 challenges:

1. Does it support stripe? I already have active recurring subscriptions with that specific payment gateway?

2. If it does not support stripe, there is no way to teach it to support stripe?

3. Assuming I can get Membership Pro to get along with stripe, what do I do about my existing subscribers? Is there any clean method to migrate them?

My guess is Membership Pro does not support stripe; and if that is the case, I think I am done; I think the only thing I can do is to manually code php to add subscribers and to check subscribers accounts and protected content - as I do on my current site with some manually intensive php and mySQL.

Of course I'd rather use Membership Pro - and maybe add on some other payment gateways. But if I can't migrate my existing stripe subscribers, it looks like I am stuck with a manual solution. Thanks for your insight.