Avatar Image & View inbox for message


I had test Jobs & Experts plugin and I found that two kind function need to check as following :

1. Subscriber User could not upload image file as an avatar image. I would like to allow to user as subscribe role for this image.

Could you please let me know how I can allow this function to subscriber user ?

2. Send Message.

1. In case of I send message thru the button(Contact Me) on the Avatar image, then message seems not send to contact user.

2. In case of I send message thru the top line menu (send Message), then message seems send to contact user successfully because number increase on message image.

By the way, if I try open the View Inbox, then nothing happen.

You can test those function on http://www.ekomeri.com/ and I would very appreciate if you help me out to resolve those issues.

I am look forward to hearing from you. Thanks,

Best & Regards,