Avatar issues

Hey all,

A couple issues with the avatar plugin. I've double-checked that all phps are uploaded correctly, new folders and permissions are set and the .htaccess file is properly updated.

**Edit: I have found that the space where the avatar should be displayed is trying to pull an image from example.com/avatar/user-6-48.png. The actual file is ad example.com/wp-content/avatar/user-6-48.png. I looked it up via ftp and the second link is correct and has the photo.**

First, no avatars are showing up on the blog. It shows a spot for them (both in themes and in the admin backend) but no actual picture is displayed.

When I try to upload a picture, it shows the preview and allows me to crop them, but once this is complete it shows a blank, not even the default-avatar.png shows up.

I have the "monsters" avatars set up as default on the integrated bbpress forums and these work as expected.

I've also noticed that from the edu-clean theme the direct link to the "Upload a new avatar" works for the admin, but doesn't work for a regular user. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks everyone.