Avatar plugin and Gravatars

I’m unclear about how the Avatar plugin works with Gravatars. Presently, I’m encouraging my community to use Gravatars, but I’ve found a little weirdness and I don’t know if it’s the plugin, odd setup, or what…

When viewing a member in BuddyPress, the profile photo displays the correct Gravatar, but the smaller photo in the second column (between "Me" and the member profile) shows a monster. If I change the default to "Mystery Man" the Gravetar is displayed in that picture as well — which is what I expect in either case.

So now, I have "mystery" as the default User Avatar (which displays a Gravater if it’s available) and the Blue Gravatar Logo as my default Blog Avatar. Users > Your Profile shows my "Current Gravatar" while Users > Your Avatar seems non-functional (presumably because the user has a Gravatar).

It seems that it would be best for me to eliminate Users > Your Avatar somehow since it is confusing and redundant (if a user has a Gravatar).

My question, finally, is: What’s the preferred setup for one who wants his site to make the most of Avatars, but by using Gravatars? (Whew!)