[Avatar Plugin] unable to get it work

hello :slight_smile:
ok, here's the deal, the avatar uploads for both the user + blog work. How can I tell? Because the plugin is producing the required thumbs in the following folders:

I have installed the required code into my .htaccess file, and I have checked and rechecked the file placements/permissions... all are correct.

now, I used your default code to bring about an avatar:

<?php echo get_avatar(1,'32','identicon'); ?>

this took the ID of the first user's (admin) email address and displayed my avatar correctly.

Now I want to show the avatar uploaded by another user on the system, and I want to keep the ID part dynamic, not static such as the example provided. So, I used the following:

<?php echo get_avatar(the_ID(),'32','identicon'); ?>

Obviously the bold part is not correct because its not bringing back any avatar thats uploaded, but rather a default avatar from gravatar.com.

what is the correct way to write it? thanks!