Avatar upload of images impossible

Hi there,
can't upload nor change the avatar image on 'My Expert' which we name Recruiter page. Is there something wrong from the installation? User Guide does not include any indicator to get this fixed. Nor did us help all those forum entries.

The following error message is displayed instead:
'); var html = $('#je_avatar_uploader').html(); content.html(html); return content; } }); $('body').on('submit', '.file-uploader-form form', function () { var form = $(this); var parent = form.closest('div'); var args = { data: { parent_id: form.find('input[name="parent_id"]').first().val() }, //processData: false, iframe: true, cache: false, type: 'POST', url: '/jobs-recruiter-realm/suggest-a-recruiter/?upload_file_nonce=f2c2294958' }; var file = $(":file", form); if (!file.val()) { alert(expert_form.avatar_empty); } else { args.files = file; args.beforeSend = function () { parent.find('.alert').remove(); form.find('button').attr('disabled', 'disabled'); }; args.success = function (data) { form.find(':input, button').removeAttr('disabled'); var tmp = $(data); var url = tmp.text(); $('.expert-avatar .panel-body').html(''); $('.change-avatar').webuiPopover('hide'); form.find('.hn-delete-avatar').removeClass('hide'); } $.ajax(args); } return false; }) $('body').on('change', '.hn_uploader_element', function (e) { var file = e.target.files[0]; var type = file.type.split('/'); var size_allowed = '128000000'; if (type[0] != 'image') { alert(expert_form.avatar_error_file); $(this).val(""); } else if (file.size > size_allowed) { alert(expert_form.avatar_error_size); $(this).val(""); } }); $('body').on('click', '.hn-cancel-avatar', function () { $('.change-avatar').webuiPopover('hide'); }) $('body').on('click', '.hn-delete-avatar', function () { $.ajax({ type: 'POST', data: { parent_id: '2890', action: 'expert_delete_avatar', _nonce: 'ec2c954344' }, success: function (data) { $('.expert-avatar .panel-body').html(data); $(this).addClass('hide'); $('.change-avatar').webuiPopover('hide'); } }) }) })

What we tried with no success to fix issue:
- We cleared all browser caches (super cache, browser - firefox, chrome, win explorer)
- turned off every plugin (except jobs & experts)
- used default twenty sixteen theme

BUT no change tor uploaded/change expert avatars.

Please help: Support access is granted. Note: Jobs & Expert plugin is installed/activated at http://humanresources.bestofthebestonly.org/ ONLY.

Thank you

  • Nastia

    Hello Steven Zimmerman , I trust you are doing well today!

    I tested the plugin on my site and can't reproduce the same, I also tested it with PHP 7 like you have on your server, and it's working.. Have you deactivated the network activated plugins and mu-plugins as well?

    If you can't deactivate network activated plugins, would you please create a development copy of your site where you can test it? You can migrate this site to a new location
    with the Snapshot plugin.

    I know you mentioned you already did theme and plugin conflicts checks, but please make sure that you cleared your browser cache first before testing.

    Please run this test and let me know how it went!


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